When the Trees Are Gone

Diana Cheren Nygren

2019 - Ongoing

Boston, Massachusetts, United States; New York City, New York, United States; Brooklyn, New York, United States; Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States; Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

The images in this series imagine city dwellers searching for moments of release in a world shaped by climate change and the struggle to find a balance between an environment in crisis and manmade structures.

Surroundings play a dominant role in shaping our experience. I treasure the city and try to make space for quiet contemplation within it.

The question of the struggle between nature and the built environment is ever more central in urban life. In this series, relaxed beachgoers find themselves amidst carefully composed urban settings in front of dramatic skies. They are searching without seeming to find what they are looking for. Peaceful moments of strolling along the beach or standing listening to the waves while choosing the perfect spot to sit down, are inevitably infused with tension and frustration. The beach becomes rising tides, threatening the very foundation of the city.

The clash of nature and city results in an absurd profusion of visual noise and little relief. The resulting images lay bare the illusory nature of my urban fantasy and the problematic nature of the future that lies ahead for humanity and the planet.

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  • Convergence

  • Grey Skies

  • Gas Station

  • Hey Down There

  • Recession

  • Rooftop Swimming Pool

  • Where to Put My Beach Chair

  • She Saw a Tan Man

  • Rooftop Pool Number 2

  • Bottled Water

  • Armageddon

  • Mars Invasion

  • Landing