SQEVNV (Siempre que estemos vivos nos veremos)

Celine Croze

2015 - 2019

« Siempre que estemos vivos nos veremos »

« As long as we are alive we will meet again »

"Siempre que estemos vivos nos veremos" is the last sentence Yair told me. We were on the rooftop of the block 11, the mist enveloped Caracas, the crazy lustle of the city sounded like a funeral lament.

The consciousness of his own end had something terrible and sublime at the same time. Everything was said. The emergency of life, the fascination for death, the downfall of the country. The extreme violence and the absurdity of the situation gave the impression that life was only a game.

I remembered two days earlier at the gallina (place for the fighting roosters). The smell of blood mixed with rum and sweat, the shouts of rage, the excitement of each man. An intangible trance intoxicated the arena. As if we were all crazy. As if blood, death and power made people more alive.

The chaotic energy of the city resonated in each fight like an unfolded, sustainable and helplessly crying dance.

My wanderings in Latin America were crossed by other striking encounters. Like these fighting roosters, I saw beings dancing and clinging to disorder.

Each time I found this same insolent sensuality, like a furious provocation, like the scream of a teenager amused by danger, condemned and free at the same time.

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  • Church of a lost island in Mexico. Chacahua, Mexico, 2017

  • Portrait of Yair, the gang leader of the 11 block of Caracas. Yair no longer wanted to sell drugs. He was shot in his home three months later by special police forces with six bullets in the body in front of his wife and little girl. Caracas, Venezuela, 2015

  • Inside a room where Yair has been hiding. Caracas, Venezuela, 2015

  • Thighs of Pretty eyes (prostitute and crystal meth addict) after being hit by his client. Tijuana, Mexico, 2018

  • Portrait of el Feo. El feo is a survivor, he was shot three times in the belly by the gang from the block opposite. He tells me his story and stays hidden. Caracas, Venezuela, 2015

  • Fighting cocks. Caracas, Venezuela, 2015

  • El Feo at home showing me his bullets after telling me that he survived 3 bullets in the belly.
    Caracas, Venezuela, 2015

  • Jose sitting in his room after losing all three of his roosters in battle. Caracas, Venezuela, 2015

  • Man counting the money he just won at the cockfight. Caracas, Venezuela, 2015

  • Inside the speakeasy, Pablo just caught a prostitute. Patrocinio, Guatemala, 2015.

  • A man looking at dogs after coming out of a speakeasy. Patrocinio, Guatemala, 2015.

  • Mario rushes off on his motorbike to join his brother who is fighting with machete in the Rio in front of the villagers next door because he slept with the sister of them. Patrocinio, Guatemala, 2015.

  • Portrait of X. X is the propriety of Octavio. She just smoke crack and she's waiting gringo clients. Tijuana, Mexico, 2018

  • Portrait of Octavio, pimp and crack dealer. Tijuana Mexico. 2018

  • Men talking before enter to the speakeasy. Patrocinio, Guatemala, 2015.

  • Photo of a policeman who was killed. This photo is pinned as a trophy. Patrocinio, Guatemala, 2015

  • Volcanic lava, two days after the eruption of the Pacaya Volcano. Patrocinio, Guatemala, 2015

  • Yair and his Friend playing with their Gun. Caracas, Venezuela, 2015

  • Drug dealer smoking crack in an apple to get more high. Sobradinho, Brazil, 2019

  • Erupting volcano. Volcano of Pacaya. Patrocinio, Guatemala, 2015