Nothing Happened

Celine Croze

2017 - 2018


He said

You stayed,

You’ve listened to the crying sand

You’ve touched what lied beneath the


You’ve slept like a slut with the moon

You’re not a stranger.

Did you eat death in the earthquake?

I’m sure you did

You are mi nena...

You sweat, you live,

You accepted your vices as the island did.

You felt into the rift.

Nothing happened is a journey in the heart of the world's rift.

I wanted to tell a story, the one of the earth and mine. 

This earth which wanted to tame me, to tell me something.

To handle this wandering and translate the time of the island, I used a cinematographic way. The repetitions, help me to perspired the truth, to justify the timelessness.

When I get there, I couldn’t see or hear anything, I was on this ultimate hedge where madness, life and death are confronting themselves.

Then the earthquake occurred,  the chaos was similar as the one of my soul. 

I decided to stay and dive deep into the island…Breathe beyond the destruction.  Stay. Stay and see.

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