“This can change”

Brenda Vega


Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador

The series consists of lumen prints and their digital alterations after being scanned. The lumen version has no fixation and that allows the effect of the light to disappear the image; "This can change" refers to my drive as a woman and the life I give to each plant; in any case, I have modified the colours of the digital version, (which will be permanent). I explore a fictional space that oscillates between possible narrations and pure contemplation.

I have used some plants that are known for their harmful and beneficial effects for pregnancy, such as sage and rue are abortive plants and chamomile and mint are pregnancy relievers. I have investigated its effects from various sources, such as oral transmission from mothers to daughters and among local markets and friends.

I constantly play with the meanings and signifiers that the photographic object can infer in those who observe it. This series also deepens into my constant investigation of the object-oriented ontology, which deals with the irreducibility of objects in their relationships; this being the photographic objects such as the flowers that are directly fixated onto the photo paper.

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