Brenda Moreno

2017 - Ongoing


Heart has a larger electromagnetic field and a higher level of intelligence than brain, the electromagnetic field projected by the heart of a horse is five times bigger than the human heart and more stronger than ours, it has the power to directly influences in our own cardiac rhythm, they have what would be called “cardiac coherence” that allows us to increase our levels of regulation, resilience and internal energy.

This project raises the relationship and use of the equine as a symbol of power and evolution throughout history, the control that human beings exercise over it, the way in which we represent not only animals but also the relationships we establish with them and how both species complement each other by expanding the understanding between the mechanisms of power in human life, besides the influence of domestication effort in which it is intended to inhibit its animal condition and get the dominance over genetic modification and the development of new technologies that draw a cartography of coexistence between human beings and animals.

The symbiosis between the horse and man began approximately 5000 years ago, generating a relationship that has been recorded in war, transport and agriculture, becoming the most important animal in history. Faster and stronger, the process of domesticating of horse began a revolution comparable to sedentary lifestyle, the invention of the wheel and the mastery of fire, it has always played an important role in the history and evolution of the human, this creature not only instills respect and admiration of his human companions, in addition to being able to influence our own heart rate he offers a reflection of those who come into contact with him, being in calm, peace and confidence, or in nervousness and fear, the horse responds to what is presented to it, in an act of correspondence we are reminded of what we are and of the essential connection between living beings.

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