If Spring Could Feel Ache

Bowei Yang

2019 - Ongoing

‘There isn’t any other origin for beauty than that of a wound, singular, different for each, hidden or visible, that all mankind keeps within itself, that it preserves and to which it retires when it wishes to leave the world for temporary but profound solitude.’(Jean Genet, 2003)

As Jean mentioned, ‘wound’, in some circumstances, is more like a hidden and moaning soul. What I have been concentrate on are those ‘wounds’ and ‘sorrows’ growing with teenagers, especially with adolescents who doubt themselves, query about sexuality, or build their identities through rebellious behaviors. While I am seeking a self-reflection in my tentative work, I attempt to penetrate a deeper layer of people's psychic world, or from another perspective, mine.

While I am facing others, I am gazing at myself by the mirror of the camera, gazing at those wounds on my mind. In my work ‘Could Spring Feel Ache’, I am trying to construct a vague self-portrait by facing the vulnerability of others juxtaposed with performances and staged scenes. What attracts me the most is always the fragile moment of a boy in his adolescent period, the transforming moment could be vulnerable or sentimental, like petals lying down on the road after a breeze.

However, in my works, I am pondering about blurring the line between objectivity and fiction. What I believe is, reality, could never be what you have observed or heard, but what an individual believes.

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  • Aggregation of dreams, conversation about the collective identity, c-type print, 2019.

  • Flower petals pinned on the window, color darkroom print, 2019.

  • Wong in the pet bed, color darkroom print, 2019.

  • The sealed furniture toys, color darkroom print, 2021.

  • The street light, color darkroom print, 2019.

  • Tommy and his painting, color darkroom print, 2020.

  • The aching bed by the river, Tommy and his painting, color darkroom print, 2021.

  • Blood, color darkroom print, 2019.

  • The spring, the Longmen mountain, c-type print, 2017.

  • William, home in London, color darkroom print, 2019.

  • Jinbao, color darkroom print, 2020.

  • Tommy sitting in his room, color darkroom print, 2020.

  • The flower petals, color darkroom print, 2019.

  • Yu’s poem written on the stone by the Fuchun river, drunk in a spring night, c-type print, 2018.