re:posed, the life of Elsa


2019 - 2020

re:posed is a personal and intimate work about my grand mother, Elsa. Born in Venice in 1913 and died in her city in 2011 at 97. This work is big portrait of her, a collage of pictures of her home made by me after her death...mixed with analogic photos of her life.

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  • Elsa, my grandmother at 97, shown me a picture of her when she was young. (this is the only picture wihtout collage)

  • Elsa around 1915.

  • Elsa with her father in the 1914

  • Elsa around 1923

  • Elsa and her husband, Ugo . 1940

  • Elsa, Ugo and the two girls around 1950

  • Elsa, widow around 1960

  • her flowers in her home. 1980