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Amy Sacka

2012 - Ongoing

United States

I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, and moved away in my early 20s without ever planning to return. Fifteen years later in 2012, just before Detroit announced bankruptcy, I moved back to become a city resident and photograph my experience. I was curious about this place that was a part of my nostalgic, familial and historic roots, but was still largely unknown to me.

Over the past five years, I’ve attempted to get closer to what Detroit is and what it is becoming, perhaps as a way of reconciling my own past and limited understanding of the city. I have become interested in how the destruction and reconstruction of land and the simultaneous changes in the city's emotional landscape affects its collective psychology and relationship to memory.

My work is an homage to the city and its past, a street song that both celebrates and mourns a changing sense of place.

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