FEBRUARY 2017 IN BROOKLYN, a French point of view - PhMuseum

FEBRUARY 2017 IN BROOKLYN, a French point of view

Anne-Sophie Landou


Brooklyn, New York, United States

Living in Park Slope, and in New York in general, means for most being in tiny apartments and bringing your big laundry bag each week to the launderette. It also means paying for staying healthy. You don’t want to catch a bad cold in America, which is very unlikely under the blizzard with overheated interiors. It will cost you a fortune and it's sad to think that medication is only for the fortunate ones.

That is America. That is Brooklyn. A wonderful land full of opportunities and paradoxes. Amusement and food everywhere, churches and bars on every corner, fancy dogs and roaches.

That will never change for sure. But I really do wish, with all of my soul, that the ‘United Immigrants of America’ will be safer under this new cold political era.

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