La casa de Andrea

Andrea Ottenwalder

2018 - Ongoing

These photos are part of an ongoing project of the house I grew up in and that I still currently live in.

It started short after my parents separated and my mother moved out of the house, taking with her the majority of the furniture and decorations, leaving the house a little bare.

The house was designed and built by both of them shortly after I was born so it's unlike any other place I've seen. So after my mother was gone and I had to take care of the house, I started taking notice of how the house has changed with the pass of time and how different it looks after her departure.

After some time I started to feel like it's was reflection of my own life at the moment.

That feeling of feeling anchored in one place and time and not being able to be sure about the future and to start to doubt the past.

But at the same time, to feel more deeply and start to seeing things differently.

I consider this project to be a sort of therapy for me in order to connect again with my home and those that live in it: my father and sister and my two cats.

This is my first photography project.

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