Dazed and confused

Alina Gross


Bochum, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

The series "dazed and confused" follows a family in their everyday life.

The scenes take place in a middle class house in the Ruhr Area in Germany; the locations are shelters and living spaces: bathrooms, living rooms or children's rooms.

The recordings will take place during the lockdown period from March to May 2020.

The consequences of the quarantine are experienced visibly; Worries, melancholy run through everyday life. The atmosphere is ghostly. The protagonists wear masks.

At this time, the mask requirement applies to entering public places, but not for the home.

Instead of being a place to retreat from stressful attitudes, home becomes a place of isolation. The deprivation of freedom is experienced in person.

The viewer is involved in a story, a voyeristic view is allowed, which enables insights into private spaces. At a second glance, the insight permits a psychoanalytic level.

The staging reveals itself and reveals questions. What long-term consequences does giving up freedom in isolation have on our future lives?

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  • 26.03.2020

  • bathroom, 31.03.20

  • window with balloons, Sarah, 08.04.2020

  • living room, 30.04.20

  • window with mask, 27.03.2020

  • garden, at the swing, Tom & Sarah, 05.04.2020

  • bathroom, 01.05.20

  • living room, with Tom & Sarah, 28.03.2020

  • bathroom in the moning, 11.04.2020

  • bathroom in the moning, 11.04.2020

  • studio, 19.05.2020

  • gym in childrenroom, 03.04.2020

  • stillife, carpet 01.04.20

  • studio, 23.03.2020

  • childrensroom, 13.05.2020