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Winners Announced! 2019 Mobile Photography Prize

A Jury comprised of Erik Kessels, Caroline Hunter, Chiara Bardelli Nonino, and Marcelo Brodsky awarded the Mobile Photo of the Year to the self-portraits taken by Mexican Photographer Alberto Lara.


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    In our curated awards guide this month, we feature the Carmignac Photojournalism Award, Leica Women Foto Project Award, ICP / GOST First Photo Book Award, and many other great opportunities. Learn how they can help in the development and promotion of your visual stories.

    August's Photography Grants and Awards
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    Returning to New Zealand more than two decades after his first visit, Martin Toft looks to revive the kinship he once had with the indigenous population and explore the projects that led to the Whanganui River becoming recognised as a legal entity.

    The Spiritual Relationship between Māori Communities and the Whanganui River
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    Rooted in the cycles of life, earthly phenomenons, and the delicate make-up of our natural environment, Rinko Kawauchi's work links the physical and spiritual worlds and hints at the power of greater cosmic forces.

    Exploring the Subliminal Patterns of Everyday Life
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    Spanish photographer Maria Contreras Coll chronicles the delicate moment of puberty and womanhood for Nepalese girls and women still suffering with the stigma of a culture that isolates and judges them.

    The Loss and Reaffirmation of Femininity in Modern Nepalese Society
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    In her ongoing series The Howling Mountain, French photographer Betty Bogaert uses a variety of artistic methods to record a multi-layered narrative that examines the ancient bond between man, wolves, and the environment in which they inhabit.

    Following the Trail of Wolves in the French Alps


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