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Our life in the shadows - Tania Franco Klein


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    Juxtaposing scenes of daily life with regular crime scenes in the so-called Marvellous City, João Pina’s long-term photo essay 46750 offers a portrait of the darker consequences of Brazil’s pre-2012 economic boom.

    Chronicling Rio de Janeiro’s Great Social Crisis
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    Through an unconventional use of performative photography, Sivan Elirazi analyses the intimate relationship between mother and daughter, womanhood and immigration, dissected through her enthralled questioning of belonging and new appropriation of space.

    The Reconciliation of Body, Mind and Territory in the Inconstant Israeli Landscape
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    In her series, Descendants, Australian photographer Clare Steele re-interprets the histories of the two countries using ancient myths and folkloric tales.

    The Legends that Connect Spain and Ireland
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    The second Slideluck Editorial biennial global call, Sony World Photography Awards, and TheDocumentaryProjectFund are among the top opportunities open for entry this November. Learn all about them and how they can support the production and circulation of your work.

    November's Photography Grants and Awards
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    Rooted in a commitment to study the inextricable relationship between mankind and nature, visual artist, Katie Holten investigates the collapse of language and looming crisis of representation as our species adapts to life in the Anthropocene.

    Visualising the Challenges of the Anthropocene


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