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2019 Women Photographers Grant

The PHmuseum 2019 Women Photographers Grant, now in its 3rd edition, aims to empower the work and careers of female and non-binary professionals of all ages and from all countries working in diverse areas of photography.


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    Carolina Arantes offers a comprehensive photographic survey of the mysterious and conservative universe behind the increasingly powerful, money-laden meat production industry across Brazil.

    A Look Inside the Brazilian Meat Industry
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    In an effort to confront the debilitating effects of his Bipolar Disorder, Harris Mizrahi adopts a state of perpetual movement in which he travels compulsively to random places both near and far to meet and photograph total strangers.

    Using Travel and Photography as Forms of Therapy
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    While denouncing the menace of a suppressive looming future, Angolan artist Lola Keyezua’s series Floating Nightmares translates the plight of refugees as she gives them back their voice and dignity.

    A Dystopian Tale of Modern-day Slavery and Human Trafficking
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    Teresa left the town of Valle de Bravo, Mexico on a bus in 2008. She worked as a waitress in Ojinaga for three months and was last seen in El Presidio, Texas in 2011. Los Sumergidos tells the story of where she might have gone, how she might have lived, and what she might have become in a blur of reality, fiction, image and text.

    The Possible Worlds of Teresa, Last Seen in El Presidio, Texas
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    A year on from the recognition, Maria Sturm, Sinead Kennedy, and Alice Mann reflect upon the gender balance in the photography industry today and how the Grant supported their career development.

    Awardees Discuss the Value of the Women Photographers Grant


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At one time or another, we have all experienced uncertainty. A moment where we question everything - our ideas, projects, and dreams. Is this the beginning of something new, or the end of something else?

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