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    After being awarded the PHmuseum 2017 Grant New Generation Prize, Karim El Maktafi had the opportunity to engage in a year-long mentorship program with American photographer Maggie Steber. We went to talk with them to offer an insight into their experience.

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    In a series of striking portraits, Korean photographer Daesung Lee documents how the heritage of Ghoramara Island in West Bengal is being swallowed by rapidly rising tides.

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    Through the use of religious biblical mythology, Italian photographer, Michele Palazzi frames and questions the European Union’s contemporary challenges, using the region of southern Portugal as his backdrop.

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    Zanele Muholi’s latest photobook is a raging manifesto of resistance; a powerful attempt to rid photography of a colonial gaze.

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    In a delicate series, Chinese photographer Yangkun Shi captures an elusive reality, as every step towards modernisation means to move forward and face the loss of traditional culture for his country.


PHmuseum 2018 women photographers grant

The PHmuseum 2018 Women Photographers Grant aims to empower the work and careers of female and non-binary professionals of all ages and from all countries working in diverse areas of photography.

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Online one-to-one photography classes

PHmuseum’s online educational program aims to strengthen your skill set as a photographer. It motivates the development of your personal photographic vision as well as healthy self-criticism in relation to the production of your work.

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Activating the Archive presents the work of 10 artists that explore and question the malleable nature of visual archives and the many ways that they can be activated through contemporary practices.

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