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Submissions Open | PHmuseum 2019 Photography Grant

The PHmuseum Grant is an annual initiative that recognises the importance of photography and visual storytelling. Now in its seventh edition, the initiative is designed to support the production and promotion of visual stories through cash prizes and relevant opportunities across international festivals and online media.

£15,000 in cash prizes


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    As the PHmuseum 2019 Photography Grant deadline fast approaches, we asked our judging panel what they will consider most important when it comes to reviewing the applications.

    What the Judges Look for in the Submissions
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    Ana Nuñez Rodriguez travels to Boyacá, Colombia to investigate the spiritual power of emerald gemstones and the unique, ethereal bond that exists between them and modern-day artisanal miners.

    Photographing the Sacred Character of Emerald Gemstones
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    In his series We Are Not Alone, Tim Dechent challenges his own personal significance when facing the concept of outer space experiences and the infinite possibilities of interplanetary travels.

    A Personal Quest for Extraterrestrial Life
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    Travelling to places that are loaded with history, Belgian photographer Sybren Vanoverberghe looks to explore linear and cyclical motion through time, memory, and space.

    Redefining the Dimensions of Time and Space
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    Jasper is a book about the romance of the wilderness, about the realities of escape, of how to find oneself and lose oneself in the backwoods of America.

    Photobook Review: Matthew Genitempo’s Walk in the Woods



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Parenthood is practising redamancy. It’s a life-defining journey of great learnings: of rediscovering the world we live in, and often rediscovering oneself. This exhibition highlights a mosaic of intimate, poignant and illuminating works by eight different photographers who are reflecting on these subjects.

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