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    The Organ Vida Festival Open Call, Photo Vogue Festival #AnewRenaissance Open Call, Capricious Photo Award, and Pano Awards are all open for submissions this June. Read our curated awards guide to learn all about them and how they can help support the production and promotion of your visual stories.

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    When a biologist by training becomes a photographer by trade, the end result is a quiet, topological understanding of our natural environment.

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    Winner of the PHmuseum 2018 Grant New Generation Prize, Greek photographer Panos Kefalos chronicles the lives of young Afghan refugees and their families finding temporary shelter from war in Greece.

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    In his new book The First March of Gentlemen, Rafal Milach creates a fictitious narrative through collaged archive material and offers a playful metaphor for the present political situation. 

    14 June 2018

    Collages of Resistance

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    In her series 17 Sommer, Russian photographer Svetlana Biryukova explores her personal memories as single fragments, where subtle and intimate moments assume greater importance than major events.


PHmuseum 2018 Grant

Poulomi Basu wins the main prize with Centralia, a multilayered fictional narrative that focuses on the interrelation between violence, state power, and gender.

£15,000 in cash prizes



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