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Fata Morgana by Alessia Rollo


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    Some of the most prestigious awards in photography are open for entry this month, with the World Press Photo Contest, Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Competition, and Aperture Portfolio Prize all accepting submissions. Learn how they can help advance your work.

    December's Photography Grants and Awards
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    Greek photographer Yorgos Yatromanolakis re-examines his own past through a physical and emotional photographic journey on the island of Crete.

    A Photographic Fable of a Personal Metamorphosis
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    Our team of curators and contributors featuring Colin Pantall, Laurence Cornet, Lucia De Stefani, Verónica Sanchis Bencomo, Giuseppe Oliverio, and Rocco Venezia highlight the photobooks that have caught their attention this year.

    The Best Photobooks of 2018

    12 December 2018

    The Best Photobooks of 2018

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    Tapping into her passion for horses, Kati Leinonen – the winner of a 2018 Women Photographers Grant Vogue Italia Prize – reveals the hidden realities and mundane chores of everyday life in a Scandinavian stable.

    The Infinite Bond Between a Small Finnish Community and their Horses
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    Sara Hylton travelled to south-central India to document how farmers are benefiting from innovative greenhouses that offer economic security at a time when climate change, and unpredictable weather patterns, threaten their survival.

    The Alternative Greenhouses Revolutionising Indian Agriculture


PHmuseum 2018 Women Photographers Grant

Maria Sturm wins the 1st prize with the project “You Don’t Look Native to me”, which shows excerpts from the lives of young people from around Pembroke, North Carolina, where 89% of the city’s population identifies as Native American.

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PHmuseum’s online educational program aims to strengthen your skill set as a photographer. It motivates the development of your personal photographic vision as well as healthy self-criticism in relation to the production of your work.

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