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Aguas De Montaña - Waters From The Mountain by Angeles Peña


PHmuseum 2019 Mobile Photography Prize

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    In an ongoing fictional story comprised of staged otherworldly black and white photographs, Aishwarya Arumbakkam draws on mythology and mysticism to portray the destructive impact of mining near a Khasi community in Lama Punji, Bangladesh.

    Representing the Ruination of Indigenous Lands on the Bangladesh-India Border
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    Polish photographer Mateusz Kowalik explores the desire to change, the will to feel at home in a new and primitive environment, and the physical and psychological demands that are required for such a shift in daily life.

    Searching for a New Life in the Wild
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    Veronica Sanchis Bencomo speaks to Liza Ambrossio – recipient of the 2019 Photography Grant New Generation Prize – about the story and inspiration behind her award-winning series The Rage of Devotion.

    A Mexican Photographer Confronts Her Difficult Personal History
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    Considering the influence evolving technologies and daily habits have on how we tell visual stories today, we speak with Michael Christopher Brown about his experiences documenting a raging conflict with a mobile phone.

    Using Mobile Photography as a Powerful Documentary Tool
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    What is photography for? It’s to serve power, to uphold elites, to divide and conquer, to lie and deceive. What’s photography for? It’s to question power, to critique elites, to unite and be truthful.

    Reviewing the History of Belgian Photobooks


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