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    The 2018 edition, set to open on 12 July, will focus on women photographers through a series of exhibitions and supporting events featuring the likes of Bieke Depoorter, Tanya Habjouqa, Sanne De Wilde, Poulomi Basu, and Sim Chi Yin. Learn more and apply to Happiness OTM open call, to exhibit your work at the 2019 edition.

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    What happens when a woman gives birth? What happens to her body? What happens to her self? Carmen Winant’s My Birth points to the answers.

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    The first edition of the Liquida residency program - founded by Minimum and Baco - has come to an end. Torsten Schumann, the first photographer hosted by the program, will present his work in an exhibition which will open on Friday 25 May at Minimum. PHmuseum curator Rocco Venezia spoke to the main players behind this inaugural residency.

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    As a brother and sister team, Stephen and Elizabeth Ferry have produced La Batea: Impressions of Gold in Colombia, a photobook exploring the double effects of gold mining - situations of violence, land contamination, and exploitation, but also devotion, craftsmanship, and anchored communities.

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    In his ongoing project, The Bitter Sea, photographer Nick Ballón draws on his heritage to investigate the proud and nostalgic relationship landlocked Bolivia has with the sea.  


PHmuseum 2018 Grant

Poulomi Basu wins the main prize with Centralia, a multilayered fictional narrative that focuses on the interrelation between violence, state power, and gender.

£15,000 in cash prizes



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