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Leakage by Anna Orlowska


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    The Rainbow is Underestimated started out as a simple Instagram account before evolving into an involuntary anthology of Piero Percoco's surroundings and daily life in his southern Italian hometown.

    Smartphone Daydreaming in Southern Italy
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    Paul Thulin’s latest photobook Pine Tree Ballads blends family history, folklore, and the living forest into his story of what it means to live on the land, to be of the land, and to die on the land.

    Living, Being, and Dying with the Pine Trees
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    Brazilian photographer Felipe Fittipaldi travels to Ethiopia to unveil one of the African continent’s most remarkable rising economies and take a look at all the varying consequences that have come with the country’s unprecedented transformation.

    Documenting the Political and Economic Change of Ethiopia
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    In Lay Her Down Upon Her Back, Irish photographer Roisin White explores female suffering in the history of medical mistreatment, as women’s experience of discomfort has been, and continues to be, discredited.

    The Female Malady: Mistrust and Mistreatment of Women's Bodies
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    A continuation of his long-term documentation of the water crisis in the Fertile Crescent, Mathias Depardon’s Tales From the Land in Between explores how the depletion of the Iraqi marshes is changing the daily lives of the millions of people living around them.

    The Disappearing Marshlands of Mesopotamia


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The exhibition delves into the notion of home as a concrete or abstract concept. From heritage and community to the physical body, or the place we lay our head at night, home is central to our being.

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