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Stromboli, Iddu by Gaia Squarci


Submissions Open | PHmuseum 2019 Photography Grant

The PHmuseum Grant is an annual initiative that recognises the importance of photography and visual storytelling. Now in its seventh edition, the initiative is designed to support the production and promotion of visual stories through cash prizes and relevant opportunities across international festivals and online media.

£15,000 in cash prizes


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    Annalisa Natali Murri tells the story of a Kazakh woman who moved to Cuba harbouring dreams of becoming an opera singer, only to be faced instead with state accusations of espionage and continuous remote psychological inspection.

    The Story of a Kazakh Woman Dream Chasing in Cuba’s Nuclear City
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    In Aquamess, Cleaning the Top of the World, Canadian writer and activist Carol Devine documents domestic refuse that has accumulated in Svalbard, Norway, contaminating previously pristine waterways and landscapes.

    Portraits of Plastic Pollution in the High Arctic
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    Having organised grants since 2013, we have noticed several recurring mistakes that can affect applications. Details always make the difference, so check this list and keep them in mind when the time comes to prepare your next submission.

    8 Mistakes to Avoid when Applying to a Photography Grant
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    Focusing on a group of four young Arab Palestinian women in Tel Aviv, Iris Hassid Segal offers a window into their everyday student lives and the conflict of culture they are continuously facing in Israel’s second largest city.

    The Difficult Realities Facing Arab Palestinian Women in Israel
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    In his triple publication, No More No Less, Japanese photographer Kensuke Koike combines collaboration, found imagery, and delicate collage to reinvent an archive from the early 1980s.

    Kensuke Koike, Collaborations, and Beijing Silvermine



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