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The river runs through us - Aaron Vincent Elkaim


PHmuseum 2018 Women Photographers Grant

The PHmuseum 2018 Women Photographers Grant aims to empower the work and careers of female and non-binary professionals of all ages and from all countries working in diverse areas of photography.

£10,000 in cash prizes


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    Since 2013, Verzasca FOTO has been bringing photography to a beautiful valley in the Swiss canton of Ticino. We went to talk with Alfio Tommasini, the festival's director, who will award a PHM 2018 Women Photographers Grant submission a solo show at next year’s edition.

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    A year after the recognition, Raphaela Rosella, Heba Khamis, Sanne De Wilde, and Fabiola Cedillo tell us how the prize supported their career development, speak about gender equality in the industry, and provide insightful advice for applicants this year.

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    Halfstory Halflife by Raymond Meeks is a symbolic trip through the rites and rituals of American masculinity, through the American landscape, through American history and one of the books of the year.

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    Peruvian photographer, Prin Rodriguez delves into an ancient indigenous manuscript, delivering a haunting contemporary portrait of her nation, all framed in a stream of light and colour.

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    Recording his contemporary surroundings, Polish photographer Maciej Czepiel looks to build his own personal truth by turning his earliest childhood memories and stories told by his family into visual recollections.

    17 September 2018

    Searching for the First Memory


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PHmuseum’s online educational program aims to strengthen your skill set as a photographer. It motivates the development of your personal photographic vision as well as healthy self-criticism in relation to the production of your work.

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