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Scroll down © Alnis Stakle
Neither horse nor tiger by Alnis Stakle


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    Using archival images and posters altered through photomontage and painting, Adji Dieye looks to explore the spread of socialist political ideologies throughout Africa and the traces they have left on the continent today.

    Reflecting on the Role of Socialist Movements in Africa
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    Mara Sanchez Renero looks to break with the stereotypical depictions of the Sierra de Zongolica in Veracruz, Mexico, documenting instead staged scenes that together reinterpret the inhabitants and the territory.

    Portraits of an Isolated Indigenous Mexican Community
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    To Name a Mountain by Spanish photographer Alfonso Almendros is a dark and intimate representation of a story that deals with the power lying in the natural world and the poetic realm of painting.

    Re-Imagining the Story of Mount Rosalie
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    Alexa Vachon’s Rise is a book about a group of refugee women who play football. It’s also about life, love, home, family, dress, friends and finding a space that is free from male violence and control.

    Photobook Review: Nobody Said it Would be Easy
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    In Anupam Diwan’s work, Fireflies, blurry childhood memories prompt the Indian photographer to explore the fragments of his past in an unknown land.

    Flashes of Childhood Memories (And Glowing Fireflies)


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  • Myth

    Hui Hsien Ng

    2018 - Ongoing | United Kingdom

  • we are not alone

    Tim Dechent

    2017 - Ongoing | Germany; Sweden; Netherlands

  • To name a mountain

    Alfonso Almendros

    2015 - 2018 | Finland; Germany; Spain

  • Red Fever

    Adji Dieye

    2018 - Ongoing

  • Out West

    Patrick Wack

    2016 - 2017 | Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu, China


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Parenthood is practising redamancy. It’s a life-defining journey of great learnings: of rediscovering the world we live in, and often rediscovering oneself. This exhibition highlights a mosaic of intimate, poignant and illuminating works by eight different photographers who are reflecting on these subjects.

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