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When the dust settles by Azin Haghighi


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    Taking us into the outer solar system onboard The European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft, a new publication by Xavier Barral reveals the incredible story of how mankind made contact with a Jupiter-family comet.

    Photographs from Rosetta’s 10-Year Journey through Deep Space
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    The photography festival season is now firmly in full swing with CONTACT Photography Festival (Canada), Head On Photo Festival (Australia), and ImageSingulières (France) among the highlights on the calendar this May. Learn all about their exhibition programs and supporting events.

    May's Best Photo Festivals
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    Your maid wants a day off? Your maid wants a room of her own? Your maid wants her own clothes? Your maid has Body Odour. Your maid has sex? The problems of maid ownership are laid bare in Rebecca Sampson’s wonderful Apples for Sale.

    Second Class Citizens: The Parallel Lives of Indonesian Domestic Workers in Hong Kong
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    As we head towards the end of the first PHmuseum Online Portfolio Review Month, a few of our participants speak about their experiences and offer insights into some of the feedback they received from our group of industry professionals.

    Discussing the Value of Online Portfolio Reviews
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    German photographer Yana Wernicke provides a window into the fluctuating everyday lives of young aspiring female actresses in Mumbai, India who are chasing their dream in Bollywood. The series won Wernicke a place on a workshop of her choice at the next edition of Cortona On The Move as part of the PHmuseum 2019 Photography Grant prizes.

    Pursuing a Dream in the Indian Film Industry


Online portfolio review month, only for April 2019

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Nikita Teryoshin wins the PHmuseum 2019 Photography Grant

His project, Nothing Personal, explores the other side of war, a behind the curtains look at global defence business. The New Generation Prize went to Mexican photographer Liza Ambrossio.


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