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    PHM 2018 Grant second prize winner, Paolo Ciregia reconstructs the reportage photographs from his private archives of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict to create a different iconographic repertoire of war.

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    A research on the life cycle of the jellyfish Aurelia - which regenerates itself and never dies - serves the author as a pretext to address the aspiration of immortality shared by man, art, science and religion.

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    Australian photographer, Sarah Walker uses photographic trickery to transform everyday life into a projection of something spiritual, playfully exploring the idea that seeing is believing.

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    In his book Mind the Gap, Joshua Lutz points to the physical, mental and psychological void we are confronted with in our daily lives.

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    The Italian festival is set to open its 8th edition tomorrow with a great panel of guests, including 15 all female exhibitions and PHmuseum awarded photographers Poulomi Basu, Bieke Depoorter and Sanne De Wilde.


PHmuseum 2018 Grant

Poulomi Basu wins the main prize with Centralia, a multilayered fictional narrative that focuses on the interrelation between violence, state power, and gender.

£15,000 in cash prizes



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